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Fit a foam Gasket to a Firecrest ND Filter

Aktualisiert: 19. Mai 2018

I didn't know how the filter fits to different holders, but if you are using a Lee Filter holder you should use your ND Filter with a foam gasket to prevent light leaks. The Lee Big Stopper come with a gasket already attached. The Formatt Hitec Firecrest ND Filter comes also with a gasket but this is not fitted to the filter, you have to do this by yourself. The gasket is very narrow so you have to place it very accurate, failing this you will get light leaks at the bottom, the top or at the edges of the filter. My first attempt ends with the destroying the gasket... Note: You can order new gaskets von Formatt Hitec, a pack of three for about 4 GBP (09.2016), the item is available in the Formatt Hitech online shop. For my second attempt I use a other procedure, and this works fine:

Step 1

If necessary, remove the old gasket completely, warm water and soap helps.

Step 2

Place the filter on a white paper and mark the outline with a pencil, after this remove the filter.

Step 3

Place the new gasket exactly in the middle of your marked rectangle. Remove the sheet from the narrow outer part.

Step 4

Now align the filter to the rectangle on the paper and if you are sure you done this exactly lower the filter down on the gasket. 

Step 5

Turn the filter around, check the position of the gasket and then press it down to fix it completely.

Step 6

If you are using the filter with a Lee Filter Holder, unfortunately the gasket is a little bit too thin at the top and the bottom. So it is possible you get a light leak there. I attached a small piece from the useless middle part of the foam gasket at the top. Now it is completely closed. Because the piece is very small, I think I have to replace it regularly.

The gasket of a Haida filter (left) is a little bit wider at the top and the bottom.


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